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‘Sit! Stay!’: New pet approved clinic

A 39-year-old Bloomington pet clinic will move to new, larger quarters in southeast Eden Prairie, thanks to Eden Prairie City Council approval of its plan on Tuesday, June 13.

Bush Lake Pet Hospital, which its website says was established in 1984, will be the main tenant in a 5,074-square-foot commercial building planned by Highland Ventures for a 1.19-acre lot along Hennepin Town Road, north of Pioneer Trail.

Why it matters: This would boost commercial development in what’s known as the Bluff Country neighborhood of Eden Prairie, where retail has been slow to arrive because of traffic issues and neighborhood concerns. For example, a plan for a Holiday service station with auto repair next door was rejected by the city as an inappropriate use in 2021, and the matter ended up in litigation.

The pet clinic will occupy about 4,000 square feet; the remainder will be leased to another unnamed commercial or office tenant.

The site has office zoning that dates to 2007 when an office building was proposed but never built. Because of its triangular shape, the new project is being given waivers from city code on both lot size and depth.

“We’re looking forward to moving to this new location,” with more space, said Dr. Douglas Gates, one of two veterinarians with Bush Lake Pet Hospital.

The project was approved Tuesday evening without opposition.

“I do like that we have an established business with an excellent reputation,” Councilmember Kathy Nelson said about the project.

“Welcome to Eden Prairie,” added Major Ron Case.

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