Dogs Trust Shrewsbury warns to keep chocolate away from pets this Easter to avoid nasty surprises

The charity says it is poisonous to dogs as it contains a substance called theobromine, which dogs and some other animals struggle to metabolize.

Symptoms of theobromine poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, excitability, drooling, and potentially seizures and fatal heart problems.

Dogs Trust says that if you think your dog has eaten chocolate, contact your vet immediately.

They have given some friendly tips:

  • Never give your pooch any human chocolate as a treat. Ensure that children and visitors understand why and adhere to this rule too.

  • If you are hosting an Easter egg hunt, make sure your dogs can’t

‘Reverse sneezing’ for pets sounds worse than it is

“He sounds a little like Janie,” Christy responded to Teddy’s rasp.

“Really?” I said half in disbelief and half hoping maybe we had a diagnosis.

Janie is Christy and her husband Ben’s approximately 5-year-old German Shepard they adopted from the Greene County Animal Control in 2021. The loyal pup’s name honors Christie’s mom, Beverly Jane, and Ben’s mom, Bettie Jane.

This past December, out of nowhere, Janie started hacking, sneezing, almost gasping as if she had something caught in her throat. These episodes started occurring about two to three times a day with each one lasting about 10 seconds.


Pulaski Animal Control faces difficulties finding pets homes

They say in the past six years, last week was the closest they came to almost having to euthanize a dog.

HAWKINSVILLE, Ga. — In Pulaski County, animal control said they haven’t been this stressed from a lack of adoptions in the past six years. Last week, the problem got so bad, they almost had to euthanize adoptable dogs.

Chandra Toledo, the manager at Hawkinsville-Pulaski Animal Control, said adoptions started slowing down since COVID-19, but it’s been especially hard on them over the past few months.

“Rescues are struggling to get adopters, so then they can’t pull from the shelters

Better animal rescue equipment coming to CSFD in honor of retiring Dep. Chief

COLORADO SPRINGS — “We’re in there initially for the human life,” said Colorado Springs Fire Department Deputy Chief Steve Wilch.

Saving people is first priority for firefighters.

When everyone is out the fire often witness panic about pets

“Firefighters, we are trained in our emergency medical skills, EMTs. But we also know we can deliver some of those lifesaving skills to a pet through the oxygen delivery and just through stimulation,” said Wilch.

Pets are often unable to escape a burning structure.

Even calm, well trained dogs get confused and can react unpredictably when there’s a fire.

“They know that

West Virginia animal shelter asks for help fostering dogs after truck crashes into building | National


3 pet insurance moves owners should make this spring

By getting started with a pet insurance policy now owners will have valuable protection for the spring and summer.

Carol RamÃrez/500px

When purchasing insurance, the timing is key. If you wait too long, premiums may rise and the cost of coverage may become prohibitive. But if you get started too early, you could wind up paying for protection you can’t use and don’t need. This timing is particularly important to get right with some lesser-known insurance types, like pet insurance for dogs and cats.

Pet insurance works in a similar fashion that health insurance does for humans, helping to offset

Tulsa Animal Welfare warns pet owners about scammers posing as the shelter | News

TULSA, Okla. — FOX23 heard from Tulsa Animal Welfare (TAW) about scammers pretending to be with their organization and targeting people who’ve adopted pets from the shelter.

TAW says this is a scary thing because you want to help your pets, but owners should always double check if things seem suspicious.

“Twelve last week, we had a call that someone got a phone call regarding their animal being injured and that they needed to send money through one of the apps, for example PayPal, Zelle. That’s one thing we will never ask anybody for money over the phone,” said Sherri

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