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Saipan Humane Society invites pet owners to veterinary clinic | News

SAIPAN Humane Society is inviting pet owners to take advantage of a monthlong veterinary clinic at the Saipan Mayor’s Office Dog Control facility starting on May 23.

Lauren Cabrera, SHS co-founder, said they hope more community members will bring their pets to be seen by visiting veterinarians who will hold consultations four days a week.

Among the services that will be offered are spay and neuter for dogs and female cats which will cost $75 and $50 for male cats; Bravecto anti-tick/flea medication whose prices will vary based on the pet’s weight; Parvovirus vaccinations and deworming, $20; microchipping, $30; heartworm testing, $30; kennel cough vaccination, $30; and cat combination vaccination FVRCP, $20.

Rabies vaccines are also available for $40 as well as blood draws for FAVN testing for animals moving to designated rabies-free areas like Guam, Hawaii, Japan, and other countries.

The veterinarians will be available for consultations and surgeries.

To self-schedule for the clinic, visit or send a message to SHS via its Facebook page or Instagram account @saipanhumanesociety.

You can also send a Whatsapp message to (670) 838-7387; or contact the Saipan Mayor’s Office Animal Shelter at (670)-234-3647 (DOGS). Their hours are from Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

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