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Max’s Natural Pet Market & Salon Offers The Very Best For Your Pets — Neighborhood News

Paul Spalvieri and his fur babies Max and Missy invite you to check out any of the three Max’s Natural Pet Market & Salon locations in our area. (Photos by Charmaine George)

Since launching in September 2019, Max’s Natural Pet Market & Salon has garnered a positive reputation — with glowing Google reviews — thanks to its exceptional customer service and expertise.

Founder Paul Spalvieri and his wife Martina live in Watergrass in Wesley Chapel with children Matthew, Martinka and Kristinka, and fur babies Max, a Bichon Frize, and Missy, a Havanese.

Paul opened the original Max’s Natural Pet Market & Salon to create a place where Max and other pets would have the safest, vetted holistic products, foods and grooming, an antithesis of big-box corporate companies. Named after Max, each of Paul’s three locations — soon to be seven in 2024 — boast experienced staff who can help pet parents find what they need for their dogs and cats.

“We found our first location in Wesley Chapel, and Max and I went into business together.”

Paul ensures he is up-to-date on the newest developments in pet technology, nutrition and retail products by attending global conventions twice a year. The core philosophy underlying Max’s is centered on functional, purpose-driven foods. Whether raw or gently cooked for pets with sensitive stomachs, with Ketogenic or fermented choices, the focus is on human-grade, biologically appropriate, organic nutrition sourced from pasture-raised animals, primarily within the US

Max’s offers a wide variety of other nutrition products, such as probiotic goat milk and cow kefir that help with Leaky Gut Syndrome. Their dry kibble selection is USDA-endorsed for human consumption and is free from feed-grade ingredients, aligning with Paul’s dedication to quality.

Paul highlights the connection between a poor pet diet and the recent surge in pet diseases, often traced back to non-organic kibble laden with pesticides. He cites numerous instances where dietary changes have positively improved pets’ health.

You can bring your pup in to choose his or her own toy at Max’s.

“Our staff is highly educated on holistic natural nutrition, how dogs and cats should eat, how to mitigate disease and how to prevent certain conditions from advancing. There have been cases where we have helped reverse pancreatitis, different stages of kidney failure and diabetes through nutritional interventions. We follow that science versus Western (veterinary) medicine and the way they treat illnesses. We take digestive health and nutritional health very seriously. If it’s in my store, I feed it to my own pups.”

A success story from customer Amanda Medina underscores the transformative ability of the raw food diet that Max’s advocates. Paul shares the story of Medina’s dachshund, Max. Previously overweight, bloated, inactive, and battling severe pancreatitis, Max’s health changed through diligent efforts, trial and error and identifying a suitable raw protein. Amanda told Paul that Max’s progress was remarkable in terms of weight loss, restored energy and improved vet test results.

Fast forward to last month. Paul says, “Amanda opened the passenger side door, and out jumped Max, who came running into the store.”

Amanda confirms the transformation, “Paul ordered proteins until we found one that worked. We recently returned for his vet follow-up, and his numbers are within the normal range. I recommend Max’s. The customer service is amazing, and the people there are helpful and knowledgeable. I try to keep Max off medication, keep it natural and holistic. Paul has been great at keeping Max holistic and working in conjunction with our regular veterinarian.”

Great Grooming & More!

All of the Max’s locations also excel in pet grooming with award-winning groomers and Master Groomers, setting itself apart through cage- and kennel-free grooming environments. Whether it’s a standard bath, an OPAWZ brand pet-color-safe purple mohawk (photo below), a holiday-inspired color-safe fur design, or a soothing TheraClean microbubble spa treatment, the salon’s professionals ensure stress-free grooming experiences.

The TheraClean spa add-on works wonders on pets with skin disorders and allergies. Unlike regular shampooing, this specialized process detoxifies the skin layers, removing deeply embedded dirt, yeast and bacteria allergens. A pleasant side effect of oxygenating the skin’s capillaries is that it helps relieve arthritis and joint stiffness. Paul says some customers report senior dogs behaving like puppies after treatments. Even the groomers have benefited from having their hands in the oxygenated water.

Paul’s commitment to pet education extends to his stores’ three-level Learn to Groom course, covering Bathing, Grooming, and Styling, as well as a five-week dog-training program for Puppies and Beginners, as well as private training sessions.

Paul says that since opening, many of Max’s more than 10,000 customers have asked him to expand his services into daycare and pet boarding. He has now responded by adding a Luxury Pet Hotel with in-suite services and amenities and a fun Enrichment Pet Doggy Daycare.

“They ask, ‘Why aren’t you opening a daycare, a place we can board our pets safely, where we can feel confident that they will be looked after with the same compassion and caring we see on your retail and grooming side?’ We’ve had a great response from the communities we serve, and it makes sense to have our business evolve this way because the community has been asking for it.”

He adds, “For those parents who work or want to travel, we’re creating a luxury pet hotel where the suites are oversized and monitored by cameras. In other places, the dog is in a kennel on their own (while you’re away). Our pet parents can dial in on the internet and see their fur babies. We have services like dinner and a movie. They’re getting brushed and played with. They have physical time with their caregiver and an interactive toy. The pets have filtered water, bedding changed daily, and we have a customized meal plan available, or pet parents can bring their own food, and we’ll follow their meal plan.”

And finally, he says, “They also have regular activities, so they’re not just sitting in a kennel while you’re on vacation. I don’t want that for Max, so I don’t want that for our customers’ dogs. We’re doing it differently and properly. Whether with us for a day or two weeks, they’ll be exercised and have a chance to play. They can also chill out and relax.”

Animal-friendly pets enjoying the Pet Hotel can join the Enrichment Doggie Daycare area to play and socialize with other dogs. Cats aren’t forgotten, either. They’re spoiled in their Kitty Condo Suite with a climbing tree, plenty of organic catnip toys and a filtered water fountain.

“Our main goal is for your pets’ experience to be the best it can be,” Paul says. “I want to see tails wagging coming into our doors and tails wagging when they leave. That experience is important in retail, grooming, boarding and daycare.”

Max’s Natural Pet Market & Salon has three locations open daily from 8 am–7 pm The Wesley Chapel Max’s is at 28838 SR 54 and can be reached at (813) 649-3939. The New Tampa store (6431 E. County Line Rd.) can be reached at (813) 591-5368 and the Mirada (30945 Mirada Blvd.) can be reached at (352) 437-6677. Max’s also has franchise opportunities available. For more information, visit Paul says his Fort Myers and Starkey Ranch locations will be open this year.

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