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January’s top 10 pet food headlines

Pet treat co-man receives investment (Jan. 24)
Cosmo’s Superior Foods, a turnkey private label co-manufacturer of ultra-premium pet treats, has received backing from private equity firm Skyline Global Partners.

NineThe most-read pet food stories of 2023 (Jan. 2)
These most-read articles cover the gamut of industry growth, trends to watch, strategic business developments, upcoming label regulations, opportunities abroad and much more.

EightAAFCO greenlights mealworm ingredient for use in US dog food (Jan. 26)
According to Ċ¸nsect, the authorization marks the first mealworm-based ingredient approved for use in pet food in the United States.

SevenUnited Petfood expands dry capabilities through new acquisition (Jan. 19)
Vital Petfood Group has scooped up to enhance United Petfood’s dry and semi-moist pet food production capabilities in the Nordic market.

SixSwedencare acquires US dog treat company for $7.5 million (Jan. 5)
Riley’s, which produces organic and single-ingredient dog treats, joins Swedencare to advance the company’s presence in the US premium pet treat space.

FiveFromm enters fresh/frozen category with new dog food line (Jan. 19)
Bonnihill Farms, the new brand of gently cooked recipes, is inspired by Fromm’s farming heritage and utilizes small-batch processing with locally sourced ingredients.

FourHill’s Pet Nutrition debuts enhanced Prescription Diet line (Jan. 16)
The brand introduced a series of new product innovations for its therapeutic pet food line, all with a specific focus on palatability.

ThreeWomen in the Pet Industry: Meet Amy Kerr of Purina (Jan. 10)
As vice president of manufacturing for one of the largest pet food companies in the United States, Kerr shares how she has balanced motherhood with her demanding job.

TwoPet food industry ends 2023 with operational expansions (Jan. 9)
Pet Food Processing covered more than 30 new facility announcements, expansions and operational investments in the last six months of 2023.

One27 recent pet food industry mergers, acquisitions (Jan. 16)
The pet food category remains an attractive investment opportunity, as evidenced by M&A activity seen from July to December 2023.

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