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City of Lima Residents Can Apply for Pet Spay/Neuter Assistance | News

April 2, 2024 Press Release from the City of Lima: The Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) is designed to assist Lima residents with voluntary sterilization of companion animals as a proactive approach to controlling pet overpopulation. This assistance program will give first priority to low-income residents, but all residents in need of assistance will be considered.

Goals for SNAP:

  • Reduce the number of unwanted animals and litter, thus reducing the overpopulation in shelters and/or in feral colonies
  • Decrease instances of animal aggression and thus reduce the number of bites and injuries to both people and other animals
  • Reduce the number of animals hit by cars that may result in personal and/or vehicle damage beyond the resulting harm to the animal
  • Prevent/reduce injuries and disease transmitted through animals to city residents
  • Increase life expectancy and improve overall health of pets by reducing the probability of tumors and various forms of cancer

SNAP is an expense assistance program by means of a voucher, designed to reduce the cost of sterilization. The voucher can be used with preapproved partner veterinarians, redeemable for sterilization only. The voucher does not include other services such as, but not limited to, tests, vaccines, or microchipping.

To qualify for the voucher, the applicant must be a Lima resident and agree to pay the veterinary clinic any additional fees at the time of service that exceeds the voucher allowance. Voucher availability is not guaranteed.

The application for cat owners is available through the City of Lima at the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry building located at 900 S Collett St., Lima, Ohio. The application for dog owners is available through the Allen County Dog Warden’s Office at 1165 Seriff Rd., Lima, Ohio.

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