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Pet Clinic Staff Kicks And Punches Dog Leaving Netizens Furious; Thane Police Arrests Two Men For Animal Abuse

The two miscreants who made major questionable headlines after their video of abusing a 3-year-old pet dog went viral on social media, have finally been arrested by the police. The troublesome incident unfolded in Maharashtra’s Thane, where the men were said to have been seen punching and kicking the poor Chow Chow while grooming it at a pet clinic. The pet clinic, Vetic Pet Clinic, where the two worked was located in Thane’s R Mall. The entire case came to light when the two made a video while abusing the poor one, and shared the same on social media. The video, understandably, went viral in no time and left netizens outraged. Triggered by the clip, people began to react to it, including prominent Bollywood personalities.

The video was also shared by an organization known for animal protection, ‘Street dogs of Bombay’. Finally, reportedly on February 13, a case was registered against the men involved in said case. ‘Street dogs of Bombay’ also shared the video of the two getting arrested, where the gathered crowd was visibly aggressive, leading to a few slaps to the arrested men by several people. Meanwhile, the clinic has been closed by the police, while the identities of the arrested are yet to be revealed.

The video was shared on the social media platform Instagram, on the official handle of the ‘Street dogs of Bombay’. The post was captioned, “Animal Abuse Reported at Vetic Pet Clinic, near R Mall, Thane. We need your help to address a serious issue at the Vetic Pet Clinic , near R Mall in Thane. It’s been reported that a staff member there has been seen mistreating a helpless dog.”

Watch the viral video:

The video of the two men getting arrested was shared. “Update: Accused Arrested!! The person responsible has been arrested and is now in police custody. Thank you for your help and support in this matter. We take your safety seriously and will keep you updated on any further developments,” one of the videos read.

A video of the poor furry pet, Tofu, who fell victim to such abuse was also shared. The pet looked stable and healthy, and the same was also informed on the Instagram page. “We are pleased to inform you that both suspects involved in the recent animal abuse incident have been suspected. “We want to extend our gratitude to both the public and the police for their swift response and handling of the situation,” the video was captioned. “We are happy to report that the dog, named Tofu and aged 3 years, is currently in stable condition,” the caption further read.

The video, soon after getting shared, went viral and sparked outrage. Most people chastised the men and demanded strict actions against them, while some called their arrest ‘satisfactory’. Some also pointed out the lack of strict punishment against animal cruelty. The post was shared yesterday and pulled 29K likes from people.

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Taking to the comment section, people shared their take. “All Vetic centers across the country should be shut down,” a user said. “Glad to see people taking this issue seriously, they need to do background checks of the staff they’re recruiting. Both of them need to be punished,” read a second person. “I’m worried about the dog. Does anyone know who is the parent? We all have been sharing and gathering for this but no post or anything from parent,” joined a third person.

“The owners of this space also need to be held answerable as to what the f**k is happening at their place!! We all have cameras! This stuff should be monitored .. it’s basic protocol,” said another. “Is the poor dog okay? Those were some serious punches, hope it is well,” said another.

“I am 100% sure this is not the only dog ​​they punched and abused… all the dog owners who have sent their dogs here should gather and call out the owner. This should set an example for the rest of the world,” said another.

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