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Newly released surveillance video shows moments before fatal shooting at Shively Animal Clinic | Crime Reports

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Surveillance video released Wednesday by police provides the first look at what prompted a woman to shoot and kill a man at the Shively Animal Clinic on Mother’s Day.

The release of the footage came just hours after a Jefferson County grand jury decided not to indict the shooter on any charges. The grand jury was considering reckless homicide and second-degree manslaughter charges stemming from the shooting.

According to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office, evidence in the case showed that she acted in self defense.

Surveillance video shows a verbal argument between the shooter and staff members at the animal clinic escalated when 21-year-old Trent “TJ” Taylor stepped in.

Shively Police said May 14 was a busy night at the Shively Animal Clinic on Dixie Highway.

The video shows the shooter, who WDRB News didn’t identify because he wasn’t being criminally charged, walking in and waiting in the lobby of the clinic.


Security camera footage obtained by WDRB of the May 18, 2023 fatal shooting at the Shively Animal Clinic. (WDRB photo)

She walked back to the exam rooms but when she came back to the lobby, her spouse was seen holding her back as she was arguing with staff members.

That’s when TJ Taylor walks in. He also worked at the clinic and joined the conversation standing beside his mother.

As the argument heated up, Taylor tossed his medical gloves in a trash can and hit the woman in the head before putting his fists up.

As he heads outside, he hits her again. She pulls out a gun and shows him her weapon.

The video then shows Taylor shoving the woman with a traffic cone. One of the camera views pointed through the door shows Taylor fighting with the woman’s spouse.

Staff members are seen outside trying to break up the fight when the woman fires her gun.

Taylor died at the hospital.

His family spoke out after the grand jury’s decision, saying they don’t think justice was served.

“My son died over a dog. Over a woman who couldn’t pay the bill for her dog. That’s why my son is dead. Over a dog,” said Trent Taylor, TJ Taylor’s father.

David Mour, the attorney representing Taylor’s family, said whatever TJ did didn’t warrant the use of deadly force in return.

In a statement, Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerina Whethers said “The evidence in the case demonstrated that Trent (TJ) Taylor was shot and killed after he was the initial aggressor” against the shooter and her spouse, saying she “used deadly force in self defense. “

Mour said the family had been robbed of justice, and placed blame on prosecutors.

“I could assure you, if the prosecutor believed in this and took it to the grand jury and pushed, there would have been a indictment,” he said.

“There’s not even a word for it,” Taylor said. “It cost me $19,000 to bury my son, and now nobody is accountable for that.”

The family does plan to pursue a civil case against the shooter.

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