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Mumbai man caught punching, thrashing pet dog at Vet clinic, arrested; shocking video goes viral

A video of a man punching and thrashing a pet dog at a vet clinic in Mumbai will send chills down your spine. The shocking video is from a Vetic Pet Clinic in Thane, Mumbai.

The accused man has been identified as Mayur Jadhav, a grooming staff. The viral video shows a pet dog taken for grooming. For unknown reasons, the man starts punching and thrashing the dog while another fellow worker is seen recording the act.

The matter came to the fore after the video went viral on social media platforms. Furious netizens demanded immediate arrest and stringent action against the accused.

Vidit Sharma, the founder of ‘Save A Stray’ shared the video of the heart-wrenching incident and wrote, “Shocking incident at Vetic Vet Clinic in Mumbai Thane. Individuals responsible for such abuse should be behind bars. It’s imperative for proper background verification to be conducted before hiring grooming staff. This behavior is utterly disgusting—no pet should ever endure such treatment.”

Mumbai police swung into action and arrested the culprit after the video went viral. Based on a complaint by the dog’s owners, police registered a case and launched a probe into the incident.

Sharing an update on the case, Sharma wrote, “Police have arrested the abuser, and the dog’s parents have filed an FIR. Justice is in motion, but the fight against animal cruelty should continue. Let’s ensure accountability and advocate for the protection of all animals.”

Sharma also shared that the dog was absolutely fine and was handed over to its owners.

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